A Special Appeal to Consumers
Despite numerous efforts by the Malawi Bureau of Standards (MBS) to flash out substandard products in the country, it is very sad to note that cases of consumers complaining of buying substandard and expired products in some of the shops around the
Expiry Date and Others: What They Mean...
There is a considerable amount of debate when it comes to critical definitions of what is labelled on the various products we buy. There is sometimes confusion of what it means when the product says; “BEST BEFORE DATE” “EXPIRY DATE” “SELL BY DATE”
Testing Services at the MBS
There are a number of reasons why people around the world seek testing services. Some need test results for claiming compensation from manufactures of certain products. Some people need tests results as evidence in courts of law. Others want testing
Ban on Liquor Sachets
The story of liquor sachets in Malawi has been one of the most contagious in the recent times. Despite the liquor sachets industry’s economical contribution to the country through tax remittances and employment opportunities to some Malawians, the
Potato Standards Developed
Travelers between Malawi’s major cities of Lilongwe and Blantyre will at least at some point of their journeys make a stop in either Dedza or Ntcheu for one simple reason. If it is not at the Dedza Puma filling station, then it will be at Bembeke,
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  • 1972: Establishment under an Act of Parliament (Cap 51.02)
  • 1990: Exports Quality certification Scheme (EQCS) is established
  • 1993: Imports Quality Monitoring Scheme (IQMS) is established
  • 1996: Takes over the responsibilities of the implementation of the Weights and Measures Act (Cap 48.04) from the Ministry of Industry and Trade

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